PKD Tools

AZ F.I.U.S., within the scope of planned technological development and thanks to a close attention to the pressing requirements of a market constantly developing new materials that are very hard and resistant to wear (such as silicon aluminium alloys), has introduced a new design and production concept that is able, thanks to sophisticated CNC machines, to produce PKD tools that can easily work these materials where chip removal with conventional tools would be very difficult.

Where hard metal no longer ensures roughness and productivity requirements, PKD – the acronym for polycrystalline diamond – comes into play. A material comprising 80-90% synthetic diamond produced by sintering on a hard metal carrier through a high pressure and high temperature synthesis process and, for the remaining portion, cobalt and other materials acting as catalysts. The gap as regards hard metal tools is macroscopic: cutting speeds are about 10 times faster, productivity improves by up to 20 times and even by 50 and the risk of forming built-up edges is virtually eliminated to the entire benefit of the final roughness of the workpiece.

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